09 July 2010

CYCLING SULAWESI - Pare Pare to Makassar

4 July - Pare Pare – Pancep - 113km

At last we found a flat road in Sulawesi. The road followed the coast and contrary to what I expected, was very scenic and very enjoyable. Hardly any of the places along the way were on our map – the names seemed to be different from those commonly used in the area (a bit confusing at times)

Ernest was still ill, therefore we considered stopping early but there was not much (or nice) along the way so we carried on to where we found a comfortable room. Once again, I expect, it was a place where they rent rooms by the hour but it was cheap and the people friendly enough.

5-8 Jul - Pancep – Makassar - 56km

An easy and short ride brought us to Makassar with its heavy traffic and congested streets. We found a good old backpackers hostel right in the centre of town where we off loaded the bikes. We soon found out that we would have to wait 5 days for the next boat back to Surabaya (Java) - gee that is a long time to sit around!

While waiting for the boat we visited the old fort and took bicycle rickshaws around town, visiting all there is to see in Makassar.

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