29 December 2009

CYCLING MALAYSIA - Hat Yai to Kuala Perlis and Langkawi

26 December - Hat Yai – Malaysia border – Kuala Perlis - 110km - day 999

Mission accomplished and not a day too soon!! It was only 60km to the border where we crossed into Malaysia, got a 3 month visa at no cost (I just love this country already).

Immediately the difference was clearly visible, Buddhist monasteries were replaced with mosques and women go around fully clothed and always with a headscarf.

I felt that I was already in the jungle as it was hot, humid and wet! We headed straight for the coast to the small village of Kuala Perlis in the far North-Western corner of Malaysia, where one can get a ferry to the nearby island of Langkawi.

I was a bit shocked at the prices of things in Malaysia and the quality of the rooms! Ooo we were so spoilt in China and Thailand!

27/28 December 2009 - Kuala Perlis – Langkawi - By ferry (plus 26 k’s cycling) day 1000 - 1001

At last we can take a break so it was straight to the nearest island. Wow, it was so scenic, straight out of out a tourist brochure, unfortunately so were the prices. We cycled a short way along the coast until we found a real beachy area, but once again it was pricy, touristy and not really what I had in mind. No beach hut, as I imagined, but unfortunately only a cheap room at a backpacker place way across the road from the beach.

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