04 September 2009

CYCLING LAO - Luang Prabang to Oudom Xai

11 September 2009 - Luang Prabang – Pak Mong - 115km - day 894

We followed the river the whole morning and although there were little steep ups and downs there were no monster hills like our previous days. The scenery stayed inspiring and we cycled again past many tribal villages, weaving and spinning yard which they wash and dry by the road side.

We reached Pak Mong in good time and found a room.

12 September - Pak Mong – Oudom Xai - 85km - day 895

It was an exhausting day on the road. Not only did we encounter more monster hills, but it also rained the entire day. The roads were muddy with huge potholes. It was not only just us battling along, trucks got stuck in the mud and motorbikes were slipping and sliding along.

I was extremely happy to reach Oudom Xai and have a warm shower and a bite to eat. It seems all I do is cycle and eat. At least on top of every hill was what Ernest called the “Welcome committee” hordes of children shouting “Saibai Dee Falang” with great enthusiasm.

13 September 2009 - Oudom Xai – day 896

Another hard day on the road, hills, rain, road works, potholes and mud. It was a slow slog but still very scenic past rural villages and more friendly kids.

We found a guesthouse opposite the market where Ernest found some dried buffalo meat, the closest thing to biltong he was going to find in this part of the world. There were also two other cycles staying in the same guesthouse. They were heading south and onto Laos and Cambodia after spending two months in China. They were not feeling well and were planning in taking the bus to Laung Prabang. Now that sounds a lot more sensible than just pushing on while not feeling well.

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