08 January 2009

A Short visit to Hampi

5th December
Agonda - Hampi (by train)

We were up real early in order to take a taxi to the train station. From there it was a short ride to Margoa where we got a sleeper train to Hampi. The train took about 7 hours to Hampi, but it’s a comfortable ride and food is for sale on the train. The train only goes to Hospet and from there it is a short ride by taxi or bus to Hampi. We still had time to walk around Hampi village before it got dark.

6th December

We organized an auto-riksha (tuk-tuk) to drive us around the ruins for the day. I was impressed with the scale of the ruins, and everywhere you look there are old ruins, some cut into the huge boulders surrounding Hampi town.

7th December

No rickshaw today, instead we walked along the river to inspect some more ruins. A large part of Hampi is on the opposite side of the river to where we were. The only transport across is by boat, a type of woven basket boat. Here Amanda drew the line and plainly refused to board the thing.

8th December
Hampi - Agonda Beach (by train)

We took the early morning train from Hampi back to Margoa, again a 7-hour journey. This time we took a bus back to Agonda. We arrived back in the late afternoon and were lucky enough to find a beach shack still available. This is true paradise.

We spent the next day doing what one does in Goa, just chilling out!! This is so easy one can comfortably just stay right here and go nowhere else.

The following day I took the bus back to Panaji to go pick up my new ipod, which had arrived, and Amanda stayed on the beach. The sad part is that now I have a new ipod but no music on it.

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