08 January 2009

CYCLING INDIA - Murudeshwar to Manglaore

17th December
Murudeshwar - Marawanthe

The road was flat and easy but Amanda was not as strong as the day before. Although there are plenty of beaches along the way there is no accommodation on these beaches. We, however, found a room just across the road from the beach. The electricity kept on cutting out so it appears to be a homemade electrical job they did. The owner was very friendly and offered to go to the local restaurant and get us some food. Lovely food (curry again).

18th December
Marawanthe - Udupi

As we were on the road early again, we stopped along the way for breakfast - a typical breakfast consisting of Puri (pastry puffs with curry)!! (Poor Amanda). Although the road was flat, the traffic was extremely heavy. With road works underway every now and again, going was a bit nerve racking.

We arrived in Udupi fairly early and after we found a room there was still plenty of time to wander around the temples. We were even lucky enough to see a drama/musical at one of the temples.

19th December
Udupi - Manglaore

We followed the highway to Mangalore (not the same connotation to “highway” as we are used to). The traffic was, as they say here “very congested and all”. All one can do is cycle along and hope for the best. A few times we had to dive off the road into the bushes to avoid oncoming traffic. In the end we arrived safe and sound in Mangalore, after Amanda, once again claimed that she was going no further and was going to take a bus. In the end, she gets back on the bike and cycles on. After taking a wrong turn at one of the intersections, we eventually found our hotel.

The next day we just rested and explored a bit of the city. We also had word from Ernest that he was not far away from Mangalore so we stayed another night to let him catch us up.

Ernest arrived on the 21st looking a bit worse for wear, dirty sweaty and very thin. At least we had a cold beer ready for him. The next day we did absolutely nothing but lie around the hotel room and enjoy the luxury of watching TV. (Mostly Hindi TV but at least two channels were dedicated to cricket). With England, touring India there was little chance for us to catch a bit of the South African win against Australia.

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