04 December 2008

CYCLING INDIA - Kunkeshwar to Arambol

20th November
Kunkeshwar - Malvan / Tarkarli (Day 14)

After our usual Indian breakfast (curry veg and bread), we set off up and down the hills again. It was a hot and sweaty ride but Amanda had renewed energy and zooted past me while I sat under a tree waiting for her. I did not even notice her going past and went back to the previous village looking for her. We stick out like sore thumbs here, so it’s easy to ask about her whereabouts. Locals told me she has already gone past, so off I went again, finding her not too far down the road. We reached Malvan just after lunch. Midway between Malvan and Targarli we found the most idyllic beach. A white sandy beach, palm trees, hammocks and lukewarm water. What a paradise! We rented a room at a “resort”, consisting of a property with only one room. The people were extremely friendly and offered to make us food, sold us beer and gave us snacks. So we sat on the beach watching the sunset and the fishermen pulling in their nets while drinking a beer. What more can a person ask for?

Malvan/Tarkarli - (day 15 & 16)

We spent two entire days, just lying around on the beach. This is truly a paradise. We ate, we walked on the beach, we lay in hammocks and floated in the ocean.

23 November
Malvan - Vengurla (day 17)

Just 4km down the road, we found a ferry to take us across yet another river. Needless to say, it was another hot and hilly day. Amanda claimed that she had to push her bike up 6 hills within 25 km. She also said that this was not for her and that she was going to take a bus. I’ve heard that many times already so I was sure she would be fine by morning. We found a room in Vengurla which was below all standards, but I took it as I feared Amanda was going to throw her bike in the ocean if we had to cycle up one more hill. There was obviously nothing wrong with the beds, because we’d hardly set foot in the room before Amanda was fast asleep. After her little nap, we bought a beer and sat on the beach drinking it.

24 November
Vengurla – Arambol (day 18)

We cycled at least 7km before we got to our first hill and then it was mostly downhill to where we found the ferry at Terakol. It was a short ferry ride across the river and about another 11km cycle to Arambol. We were a bit shocked at all the tourists and tourist trade in Arambol. Coming from a far more rural area, we were not so used to seeing tourists and all that goes with the tourist trade. It definitely has its upside as well, as there were many restaurants serving western food. I could do with a pizza or anything not curry! Amanda was in top form this day, she did not want to throw in the towel or dump her bike in the ocean - in fact, she did not even have her usual nap!! We found a shack directly behind the beach at Rp 200, which suited us just fine. It only had an outside toilet and shower but it appeared to have no bed bugs or other biting things. We are so bitten by what-so-ever by now, that we have invested in a can of insect killer which claims to have “laser fast” action.

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