04 December 2008


4 November

Disaster struck sooner than expected. On our arrival in Mumbai, we had to put the bike together as it was still in its box. Amanda knows even less about bike mechanics than me. After assembling the bike as best we could, she took it for a spin around the block. That's when disaster struck!! After just a few minutes, she came walking back up the road with a broken derailleur!! This is quite a disaster in a town where I have hardly ever seen a bike with gears. We spent the rest of the day wondering around Mumbai looking for a bike shop selling derailleurs, but to no avail.

5th November

We slept and slept and were woken by crows at 10h00. The search for a new derailleur was now on in all earnest. We were lucky enough to find a bike shop selling bike spares who had the part in stock, and who could fit it. The quality was little suspect but beggars can't be choosers. Therefore, we spent the entire day running back and forth to the bike shop. We were also given an opportunity to be extras in a movie and Amanda is still mad at me for refusing such an opportunity!! I was far to worried about her bike to even consider such an adventure.

6th November

With the bike fixed, we could enjoy Mumbai and did our own little walking tour of the area. We also took a boat to Elephanta Island with its cave temples. Amanda, being scared of water was very nervous, but made it there and back without totally loosing it. These rock-cut temples were established between 400 - 600 AD. The temples are dedicated to Shiva and many sculptures are cut in to the rock face.

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